Concerned about reference to ‘Christian workers’

Dear Editor,

A letter written by Mr GHK Lall in your 2nd March edition captioned ‘Killing of GGMC worker’ caught my attention.

Firstly, Mr Lall is to be congratulated for his tireless efforts in highlighting the various transgressions of persons in power and other ills in the society, and sometimes I wonder whether it would not serve him (or people of his ilk) better to join a political party or form his own movement in order to have more effect on troubling issues because sometimes just writing letters is not enough.

Secondly, and importantly from my standpoint, I am a bit concerned about his reference to “Christian workers” in his letter, as it gives me the impression that he is implying that these people could not be involved in any immoral or illegal activities just because they are Christian. Further it could also mean that he is of the view that Hindus like myself and others are more prone to be involved in activities contrary to the law. I trust this is not what he meant.

 Yours faithfully,

Chris Persaud

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