Why were the leaders of the GNYC attacked by the PYO at the youth forum?

Dear Editor,

The uncouth, lawless, vulgar, and disrespectful behaviour unleashed by Kwame McCoy and his PYO contingent on the young leaders of the Guyana National Youth Council and participants at the GNYC’s public forum last Saturday must be denounced. It is unfortunate that the Peoples’ Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) would allow its members to carry out such attacks against the young people of this country. Clearly, the PPP’s intention is to halt the successful implementation of any voter education campaign which targets young people. Why is the PPP so adamant about disrupting this project and attacking its young leadership? Why is the regime so afraid of the voices of the youth and why does it seem so committed to stifling democracy?

The majority of Guyanese, both young and not so young, are supportive of this project and would like to see its full and successful implementation. We will not stand idly by and allow the PPP and to continue to subject our young people to their intimidating tactics, when these youths have dedicated their time, talent, and energies to promote the Vote Like A Boss campaign.

My support for this initiative is rooted in my strong concern for youth participation in the political process, along with many years of valuable experience gained while I worked with young people on similar projects. I, therefore, cannot overemphasize the value of such an important project. The young people who are leading this initiative should be commended and encouraged rather than being verbally attacked, bullied and negatively branded by the PPP/C government.

These young people will be required to go out into the various communities across Guyana to promote the Vote Like A Boss campaign and connect with their fellow youths. We have seen the negative, aggressive and disturbing attack on this project and its leaders and I am therefore concerned that when these youths venture out into certain communities the meetings’ peaceful proceedings could be disrupted.

Today, I extend my condolences to the family and friends of the late Courtney Crum-Ewing and say to them that Courtney will be regarded as a national hero of our time. He was assassinated for his passion to promote democracy and his relentless efforts to influence the realization of good governance for an entire nation. Together, the country stands with them; together we mourn with them; their loss is our loss; and their pain is our pain. Guyana must thank them for sharing this brave and tireless fighter for democracy. Courtney’s act was selfless. He placed country above self, and embodied all the qualities of a responsible citizen. Today, I join with my fellow Guyanese to salute this brave soldier, in whom we were all well pleased. We should all be driven and motivated by his passion to do what is right for the country as we strive to emulate the kinds of moral values he represented. His killers must know that those of us who remain, are committed to continue the noble task he pursued. The bullhorn he used to promote democracy must be used as a symbol. Finally, his death must not and will not be in vain; we will collectively pledge to pursue his assassins to borders of this country and beyond, until justice is served.

I pray that the family finds comfort knowing that Courtney was assassinated for simply doing the right thing.

Yours faithfully,
Lurlene Nestor

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