Dear Editor,

Mr Lennox Applewhaite’s letter of June 27 in SN (‘Georgetown trees should be better managed…’) is extremely interesting and should be followed up by the authorities concerned with the safety, welfare and beauty of the city.

I wish I had one tenth of the influence Mr Applewhaite thinks I may have, but for what it is worth my view is that the city council, assisted by government and actively supported by the Private Sector Commission, should set up a task force, and give it the funds which would be insignificant compared with the impact they would have − to attend to the matters to which Mr Applewhaite calls attention and also systematically to plant thousands of trees around the city.

Trust me, if done properly and consistently and not as a one-off exercise the impact of such a campaign in a relatively few years would be a wonder to behold.

Yours faithfully,
Ian McDonald

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