Most of those let go were contract workers

Dear Editor,

The campaign of instigation that graced the election season continues today with no sign of let-up in sight. These days, the focus is on “witch-hunting”; tomorrow, it could surely extend to community, security, and prosperity. I did share some thoughts on this before; I offer some additional ones now on this thorny, controversial subject.

Most of those let go were contract workers. In keeping with sound contract construction, and reciprocal contractual obligations, there must have been the standard severability clause that identifies conditions related thereto, such as notice, mutual agreement, compensation (if any), and respective responsibilities, among other elements. I would call for these to be observed while, at the same time, urge scrutiny of anything resembling golden parachutes.

Also, a substantial number of the terminated workers were political appointments. They should do the honourable and dignified thing: go quietly. They should not seek to serve two masters; the willingness might be there, but problems abound. Of course, in true Guyanese fashion, there is this sense of entitlement, and a convenient fluidity of integrity that enables, if not empowers, many to jump ship and turn coat. In other words, to sell themselves.

To be really blunt about this, these citizens were not bona fide public servants in the traditional world of that label. They were neither hired nor compensated nor operated in the time-honoured manner. But now they want to stay, and insist on staying. Further, their very presence is conducive to the danger of a flourishing, embedded fifth column, which could be detrimental to the new.

As written previously, there are sensitive and implacable considerations of trust and confidence and reliance. If anyone harbours a scintilla of doubt about me along any of those lines, it is goodbye. Gone! I would say further that no highly qualified, self-respecting professional would desire to remain when trust and confidence are at such a high premium, and his or her own is questioned. Because some are reportedly so well-qualified, they should possess the drive and vision to go and build another empire.

Notwithstanding all of the aforementioned, I suppose that the “witch-hunting” dirge will reverberate for some time to come. There is not much more that offers equivalent traction. It is good propaganda, it keeps the loyal glued and on edge. It is also self-degrading on the part of those who overstay their presence.


Yours faithfully,
GHK Lall

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