The time has come for cooperative government

Dear Editor,

I cannot help but comment on the serious attempt that is being made to clean up our city, Georgetown. This leads me to what the Bible states, namely, “cleanliness is next to godliness.”

In this regard President Granger ought to be complimented for his valiant efforts to bring Georgetown to what it used to be during his short period of being in office.

I would also like to state that no one is perfect, and I would not critize anyone who comments on any aspect of this new government’s activities. It is one’s constitutional right to do so. Having made that point I would like to state that the PPP/C has been demonstrating how ridiculous their concept of good government is. All one gets from General Secretary Rohee is criticism of what the current government is doing. Everything is wrong; they seem not to be doing anything right. The only right-thinking politicians in Guyana are the PPP/C.

The current behaviour of the PPP/C gives the impression that the people of Guyana are stupid enough to believe that this current government has done nothing in its six months that will move Guyana forward. The people of Guyana will not permit or encourage anyone to voice continuous destructive criticism just because they are not in power.

The time has come and all concerned are ready for co-operative government so our country could progress rapidly, especially since oil exploration is in the air.

Yours faithfully,

M Jonas M F Coddett

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