Pt Balbadar’s relentless defence of Nov 10 date for Diwali should be commended

Dear Editor,

I write to commend Pandit Ramdial Balbadar on his relentless efforts in defending the position of Diwali being November 10, 2015 ‒ a position the majority of Hindu organizations and leaders agreed to.

When many remained silent as the issue unfolded, Pt Balbadar did not relent. He took upon himself the challenge to defend the truth for the benefit of the Hindu society. Kudos to him.

To date, five missives of his have been published in a few dailies: ‘Diwali date is November 10’ (SN, October 10); ‘Should Diwali be celebrated on the night of the new moon or on Amavasya?’ (SN, November 5); ‘Amavasya runs for approximately 26 hours’ (SN, November 7); ‘A final gasp…’ (SN, November12); and ‘New angle on the Diwali date debate’ (KN, November 23).

Editor, apart from this Diwali episode, Pt Balbadar has always given his best in promoting and defending Hinduism. His contributions to Hinduism in Guyana are enormous.

He has taught many pandits in this country. His simple and systematic complilations of the many textbooks relating to Hindu rituals and ceremonies (prayer books, marriage ceremonies and after death rituals, etc) are widely used by pandits in this country. He has also compiled and written many texts in many areas of Hinduism. Perhaps his compilation consisting of over 650 verses from the Hindu scriptures under the title ‘Searching the Scriptures’ is the only one of its kind in Guyana.

Pandits in this country and Hindus in general owe a lot to him.

Yours faithfully,

Pt Charranlall Nandalall

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