Dear Editor,


Two developments caught my attention recently. Both brought a chuckle on the way things are in Guyana.

First, more than a few men within the GRA complained of heavy pressure, and are of the impression that their days are numbered. Those feeling the heat and squeeze firmly believe that plans are afoot to create room (vacancies) to bring in others. Since the GRA is a honeypot, it would be the ideal testing ground for newfangled code(s) of conduct and zero tolerance on the corruption front. If Big Brother is derelict in watching, be assured that the little people would be listening and observing and commenting publicly. This promises to be interesting all around.

It is the same story with the second development creeping forward. There is this insistent emphasis that an ancient stalwart is the leader of the PPP. That is according to the Big Man. Even though he is considerably shrunken these days, that man is still big in the regular circle. What is intriguing (and a tad enchanting) about this is whether the kingmaker is at it already and again. For the record, there is the precedent of the once very broad and questionable presence of a one-time leader, who is now comfortable amidst the more familiar confines of shadows and cobwebs. But he was El Numero Uno for almost five years; or at least doing a very pale imitation of one during that period.

It should be remembered that that same fine man enjoyed decades of close relationship with their beloved Cheddi and yet the latter never saw it fit to trust him with a ministry, even one lacking a portfolio. That would deter a lot of folks, but not so the kingmaker who knows no restraint and listens only to his own voice. Now it appears that he is at it again, and there is a willing and ready accomplice.

The new publicly acknowledged leader of the party (for whatever that is worth) has hitherto made no bones about his own ambitions, severe and obvious limitations notwithstanding, for the number one spot. Disbelieving citizens are urged to recall that comment related to goat-biting.


Now if the last chap can make it to the top, then anybody can. So how about lining up for a repeat, if the circumstances permit? And the best way to get there would be to hitch a ride on the coat-tails of a proven kingmaker, someone who delivers. Part of the requirements and package expected from the ambitious is displaying the right amount of public subservience and patience. Stated differently, it is submitting to the occasional humiliation of being publicly superseded or ignored or dismissed. Just like the other guy. It is called stoop to conquer.

I must confess that I might have found all of this rather hilarious, if it were not so Machiavellian. There is only one thing remaining, and it comes in the form of a question: Are Guyanese ready for Medvedev Part II?


Yours faithfully,

GHK Lall

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