Second Guyana Day in Florida a success – founder

Harry Bissoon (centre) and singer Roger Hinds (right)

West Palm Beach is said to be one of the ‘popping’ places to visit in Florida and this year’s Guyana Day event would have added to its zing.

According to founder and promoter Harry Bissoon, the event, held on May 30, was a very successful one.

“Guyana Day USA, Inc was born out of a profound desire and conviction to foster Guyanese unity and progress. It is a genuine

and deliberate effort to create cohesion in a plural society, bringing together the different aspects and attributes of cultural pluralism…. Guyana Day, therefore, is a cultural journey or mission to create people’s forum for unity, understanding, love, peace, growth and development of the Guyanese people and nation,” Bissoon said.

He also stressed that, “Guyana Day serves as a platform on which Guyanese culture could come together…, defying the forces of division which strive to create chasms within our society, intent on keeping us apart and highlighting our differences, instead of our similarities. The African drums and the Indian dholak speak the same language – we just have to listen! The dancing steps to cumfa, chutney and kathak demonstrate the same excellence, finesse and artistry – we just have to look! The Queh Queh and the Maticore convey the same message – we just have to understand! As a matter of fact, the differences in our culture could definitely serve to create a bond of unity. All it takes is an understanding and appreciation of each other’s culture and what it stands for.”

He related that this year’s Fun Day and concert, held for only the second time in Florida, would’ve attracted approximately 500 persons. The main performers were Roger Hinds, Supertones Band (Princess Anisa, King Raj and Avi), singer and dancer from New York, Sean Kulsum and Jaylall.

“Our objective is to bring all Guyanese together. Our motto is ‘Strength in Unity’. We have achieved this over the years and this year was no different. The event was great. People in South Florida were very enthusiastic, Bissoon said.

Guyana Day was founded in 2000 in New York and ran until 2011 with attendees reaching as high as 1,000 persons. Bissoon said, “It was first held in the Performing Arts Centre of York College, New York. We have featured top performers from USA, Canada and Guyana. From Guyana we’ve had artistes such as Big Red, Mighty Rebel and Adrian Dutchin… and dance groups from New York. We also had Guyanese designer Carol Fraser

display her collection during the fashion category.”

The Guyana Day’s founder who said he was pleased with the feedback from the attendees said visitors from places such as Jamaica, St Croix, St Lucia, USA, Trinidad and Canada said, “our culture is multifaceted, colourful, artistic and very pleasing to behold. They enjoyed the event and are looking forward to next year. All the performances received loud applause especially Roger Hinds, Supertones, Sean Kulsum and Jaylall.”

Guyana Day was initiated to observe Guyana’s independence anniversary. Along with Bissoon some other promoters were Bill Singh, Omadat Narine, Harry Harrypersaud, Colin Moore, Mukesh, Charles Mohan and Clyde Reece.

Bissoon said he is hoping to make it bigger and better next year.

The Guyana Day Sponsors were Kaieteur Tropical Mist, Laparkan Shipping, Island Getaway, Caribbean Spotlight Roti Shop, Brandon Ganesh Realtor & Properties, KV Jairam Attorney at Law Immigration & General Practice, Lucky City Restaurant, PS Freight, India Bazaar, Bedessee Sporting Goods and Travelspan.

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