Wakenaam businessman dies after being shot, run over

-shooter identified from surveillance footage

A Wakenaam businessman is now dead after he was shot during a robbery attempt and then accidentally run over by a car in the city.

Mahendra Persaud, called Amar, 26, of Good Success, Wakenaam, was shot in the neck during the failed bid by two men, who tried to relieve him of the $700,000 he had with him in a bag around 10.45 am yesterday at the corner of Regent and Alexander streets.

The two men, one of whom police have managed to identify, fled the scene on a CG motorcycle. Another man, a mechanic who attempted to change the licence plate on the vehicle that ran over Persaud after the robbery, was arrested yesterday.

Persaud was taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH), where he succumbed.

Mahendra Persaud
Mahendra Persaud

According to a police statement, Persaud was with his driver in a vehicle at Alexander and Regent streets, when he was attacked by a man armed with a gun. The man grabbed at a bag with money that Persaud had in his possession as he exited the vehicle.

Police said Persaud resisted and a struggle ensued, during which he was shot to his neck. He fell on the road and was run over by a vehicle, police added.

Meanwhile, a licensed firearm holder who was in the area, police said, intervened and there was an exchange of gunfire with the gunman, who then escaped empty-handed.

Police added that a man was seen attempting to change the number plate of the vehicle that ran over Persaud and has been arrested. The driver has not yet been arrested while the vehicle has been detained, the statement said.

At the time of the shooting, Persaud and a worker, Owen Paton, were in the vicinity of Torginol Paints store, at the corner of Regent and Alexander streets, about to conduct business.

Paton told Stabroek News Persaud had just exited their truck when the pillion rider came off the CG motorcycle, pulled out a gun and tried to steal the bag with the money.

The licensed firearm holder in the vicinity at the time rendered assistance by firing several rounds in the gunman’s direction. Persons said they heard approximately six to seven shots fired during the exchange.

This newspaper was told that the licenced firearm holder, who told police he is a security guard, was certain that the gunman was injured as a result of being shot.

When Stabroek News arrived at the scene, crime scene investigators were spotted conducting investigations.

The spent shell that was recovered
The spent shell that was recovered

Sources said the police were reviewing surveillance footage from cameras in the area to find the suspects. It was while reviewing the footage that they identified one of the suspects, the alleged shooter, who is known to the police.

Mechanic arrested

Meanwhile, Paton said after Persaud was shot, he fell to the ground and a man who had been driving his car through the street ran over him.

Persaud was taken to the hospital by the same driver using the same vehicle.

Persons at the scene said Persaud bled profusely and was gasping for air as blood was gushing from the wound. They noted that he was taken to the hospital in an unconscious state.

This publication was told that the driver who ran over Persaud, after dropping him to the hospital, went to his mechanic to change the number plates on the car.

During the attempt, police arrived and arrested the mechanic.

In the aftermath of the robbery business persons in the vicinity expressed fear over the brazen daylight robbery.

Persaud is said to be involved in a hardware business owned by his family.

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