Concerns raised over delay in CSEC exams at Santa Rosa

Parents and students of the Santa Rosa Secondary School are worried that they may be penalised by the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) after delays saw them writing the Agricultural Science Paper 2 yesterday afternoon instead of yesterday morning.

A parent of a fifth form student of the school told Stabroek News yesterday that her daughter contacted her after ten, distraught that the papers for the Caribbean Secondary Education Certificate (CSEC) exams had not yet arrived at the school.

Owing to this delay the examination which was to begin at 9 am, did not commence until 12.45 pm. More than one hour after the two-hour assessment would have been completed by other students around the country.

While parents and student are concerned that CXC might view this as a breach of security and cancel the examination or otherwise penalize the students, Chief Education Officer (CEO) Olato Sam said they have nothing to worry about.

“The assessment started late but it was written. Sometimes assessments start late but there should be no alarm bells in this case,” Sam said.

Public Relations Officer Suelle Williams said the paper was delayed due to logistical problems which she would not detail.

Stabroek News has however learnt that the delay was because the examination material was transported from the examination division by passenger boat on the day of the examination.

“Normally the papers come in the day before since the boat usually reaches about midday or after. That’s what they do every year. I don’t know why they do it different this year,” a parent lamented.

Neither official would explain what decisions led to the delay nor discuss details surrounding the matter they both however maintained that they students “will not be at any disadvantage.”

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