‘E’ Field Sophia residents seek relief from garbage trucks stench

Several residents of ‘E’ Field Sophia are frustrated at two garbage trucks being parked on their street for more than a year, but when contacted yesterday, the manager of the disposal service promised to address the issue as quickly as possible.

“The two trucks always there teking up space and smelling up the whole place,” one of the residents, Odetta Clarke, told Stabroek News yesterday, explaining that the trucks have been parking at the same spot in the street for more than a year. “I got me grandson and they got other children and people living in the area that can’t tek it anymore. You does be walking coming in the night and because it dark you does can’t see anything to walk and plus the road already bad,” the woman added, stating that the vehicles are parked there because the drivers live on the street.

 The two garbage trucks parked up in ‘E’ Field Sophia
The two garbage trucks parked up in ‘E’ Field Sophia

However, while they have pleaded with the drivers of the two trucks to park the vehicles somewhere else, the woman explained that they are often greeted with verbal abuse and closed ears. “They don’t listen. They does cuss you out and still do the same thing but we ain’t able anymore,” she added.

Manager of Sandip Disposal Service, Floyd Patterson explained to Stabroek News yesterday that the vehicles are parked where the drivers live because the company does not have any space. However, he asserted that they would address the problem as they are currently seeking space from the city council to park the vehicles and promised to have the trucks moved by the end of the week and the problem permanently fixed in two weeks.



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