Local company launches ‘everything Guyana’ app

Thanks to a team of local technological developers and entrepreneurs, access to a full service directory for ‘everything Guyana’ can now be in the palm of your hands with Directory.gy, a new software application that was launched on Friday evening at the Pegasus hotel.

Designed and developed by Intellect Storm, a local company, Directory.gy is the only mobile application in Guyana that functions as a hub of information ranging from product finding, news, details and locations about utility services, restaurants and entertainment among other categories of products and services.

Directory.gy was also officially declared the 50th independence celebrations app by Minister of Telecommunication and Tourism Catherine Hughes who attended the launch.

CEO of Intellect Storm Rowen Willabus (right) and Intellect Storm partner Ronson Grey (left) present the team (centre) that worked tirelessly in the design and development of Directory.gy.
CEO of Intellect Storm Rowen Willabus (right) and Intellect Storm partner Ronson Grey (left) present the team (centre) that worked tirelessly in the design and development of Directory.gy.

In brief remarks, Hughes applauded Intellect Storm for the production of its first app while noting that the most amazing aspect of the app is the fact that it was made from start to finish by a group of determined Guyanese men and women living in Guyana.

She went on to say that it is because they stuck with their ideas and overcame the challenges that they were able to really make it happen. It is because of this very reason, she said, that her ministry is particularly pleased to be associated with Directory.gy.

“We now have a tailored ITC product specific to Guyana which allows us to deliver information to those locally and abroad in a way that is similar to that in the developed world,” she said, as the app will not only help to promote Guyana but also provide information to the people of Guyana.

Chief Executive Officer of Intellect Storm Rowen Willabus stated that while the app has a total of 10,000 searchable products in its database, it goes beyond searching for businesses, services and products.

He explained this to mean that because the company took the time to map the majority of Georgetown, search results will be shown based on the user’s location thus allowing the user to access the product or service that is closest to them. It is intended to take the app further, by adding a Point of Sale feature.

“The ultimate goal for us is not just give the people the information but to be there for them when they are ready to take action. What that means is when I see Umami barbecue sauce for $2,400 I should be able to make a purchase right there, right then,” said Ronson Gray, Marketing Director and partner with Intellect Storm.

Additionally, Directory.gy allows users to access the full list of activities on the jubilee calendar, local radio streams, and news articles from the varying local media outlets.

Schedules for both the Demerara and Berbice Harbour Bridges as well as outgoing and incoming flights at both International airports.

For avid movie fans, Directory.gy lists the films that are playing at both major cinemas while those who enjoy the night life can benefit from a list of major events that have been mapped to specific businesses along with their locations for the convenience of its users.

For now, the app can downloaded from the Google play store or accessed from the website at www.Directory.gy.com



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