‘Tipsy’ fatally stabbed by drunken cousin

A Sophia pensioner was fatally stabbed by his cousin following a heated argument during a drinking spree on Saturday night at the Lodge Housing Scheme.

Dead is Lennox Norton, 61, called ‘Tips’ or ‘Tipsy,’ a miner of Samaroo Street, South Sophia. The assailant is on the run. Police said the incident occurred at around 9:30pm on Saturday. Norton was imbibing with a male cousin at the Lodge Housing Scheme when they became involved in an argument during which he was stabbed to his abdomen, a statement from the police said. Norton succumbed to his injuries while receiving medical treatment at the George-town Public Hospital (GPH). Up to late yesterday, the suspect had not been arrested.

Lennox Norton
Lennox Norton

Norton’s niece, Alexis Charles, told Stabroek News that the duo had been drinking all day. She said the stabbing resulted from an old grievance and the suspect blamed Norton for his sister’s death some eight years ago. Charles related that during the argument, the assailant pulled out a black and white knife from his waist and stabbed Norton several times in his back and lower abdomen. Norton, she said, tried to escape but his attacker ran behind him and continued to stab him after he fell. She said her uncle bled profusely.

Charles recalled that they received a called from a relative who informed them of the tragedy. She said they left and went to the scene but Norton had already been taken to the GPH by the assailant’s brother. She recalled that when they visited the hospital, they were told that Norton was undergoing an emergency surgery. At around 2:15am yesterday, her uncle succumbed to his injuries, Charles said.

The woman noted that the attacker escaped after the stabbing. She related that he wiped off the knife he used and left it behind. The police retrieved the knife. Charles said the suspect would have been caught by those who were present but they rushed Norton to the hospital in an attempt to save his life.

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