No bail for men held after robbery of Atlantic Ville women

Kempton Glenn and Robin Holder, the two men who police say were caught during an escape bid after robbing an Atlantic Ville resident whom they had trailed home from a bank, were yesterday charged and remanded to prison.

Presiding Magistrate Zamilla Ally-Seepaul read four charges against Glenn, 24, of 124 East La Penitence and Robin Holder, 25, of XX 13 North East La Penitence. It was alleged that on May 19, both men at Atlantic Ville, East Coast Demerara, while being in possession of a gun, robbed Stacy Ashby of several items worth $180,000. Also, on that same day, while armed with the same gun, they allegedly robbed Marilyn Bruyning of $180,000. Two other charges of being in possession of a pistol and having nine rounds of live ammunition without being a licensed firearm holder at the time, were also read to each of the men.

Robin Holder
Robin Holder
Kempton Glenn
Kempton Glenn

Glenn and Holder, who are both plumbers by profession, pleaded not guilty to all of the charges.

According to Police Prosecutor David Goodridge, the two men were caught in the act and he objected bail, saying that he feared that they would strike again or may try to tamper with witnesses if released. He said that on the day of the robbery, the men robbed the two women and attempted to get away on their CG motor bike, when one of the women raised an alarm, which prompted persons to chase after the men. Goodridge said that the two men were eventually caught and were taken into police custody. He said that the stolen items and the money were recovered by the police.

Appearing on behalf of the men, attorney Moti Singh claimed that their arrest was due to mistaken identity. He said they were both returning home from work at Plaisance when they were confronted by residents and, soon after, the police. The lawyer said at the time the men were riding their motorbike, when a car hit them from off it. Singh said due to the confrontation, Holder and Glenn sustained several injuries and they did not receive any medical attention when they were later placed in police custody. He also went on to tell the court that the two accused had not been place on any identification parade for the theft they were accused of. Singh further told the court that neither of his clients had ever been charged previously.

Goodridge, however, stated that Holder has been charged before with armed robbery and that the two men were also wanted in Georgetown for crimes of a similar nature.

The prosecutor also disputed the lawyer’s claim that the men had not received medical attention and told the court that the police had taken them to the Georgetown Public Hospital for treatment.

The magistrate subsequently remanded Holder and Glenn to prison until June 27, when the matter will be called for report.

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