Farmer, wife seriously injured after speeding car collided with minibus

– seeking justice

A farmer is seeking justice after being hit by a speeding vehicle over two weeks ago while travelling along the Mahaica, East Coast Demerara roadway.

Afraz Sattaur was on his way to the Woodlands Hospital on May 16, with his common-law wife Razena Hassan, when he was hit by a speeding car along the Mahaica old road.

Speaking to Stabroek News from his bed at Georgetown Public Hos-pital (GPH) yesterday, Sattaur stated that he was driving a Route 50 minibus along the Mahaica roadway when a white, car with tinted glass came speeding around the corner.

Afraz Sataur
Afraz Sataur

He added that when he observed the vehicle speeding towards him he tried to pull into the corner but it was too late and the vehicle subsequently hit the minibus which also had about 8 passengers.

The collision resulted in the minibus toppling into a nearby trench and Sattaur being pinned under the bus.

Sattaur stated that persons nearby ran to render assistance, but he had to be pulled from under the vehicle by a truck.

The father of two stated that he was rushed to the nearby Mahaicony Hospi-tal but was later transferred to GPH where he was told that he had broken both legs, his right arm and his left elbow.

When Stabroek News made contact with Sattaur’s relatives, Hassan’s mother, Ameena Hassan, stated that her daughter was unable to speak as she had only been discharged from the Woodlands Hospital some 3 days ago.

Razena Hassan
Razena Hassan

She told this paper that as a result of the accident her daughter’s left lung had collapsed, about 8 -9 inches of her small intestine had to be removed, her right foot is broken and she sustained burns to both feet from the “radiator water.”

The distraught mother mentioned that since the accident her daughter has not been eating and has been depressed.

Ameena said that thus far her daughter’s medical bill stands at $1.4 million adding that she is set to undergo another surgery on Saturday.

Although, according to Sattaur, a statement was taken by the police the family is yet to receive further information as to whether or not someone has been arrested or will be charged.

Sattaur stated that he was told that the driver of the car had also been admitted as a patient at GPH but was discharged some weeks ago.

He further stated that he was told by the police that they cannot do anything until he is out of the hospital.

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