Bartica-Potaro road to be rehabilitated

-$400m for Denham suspension bridge

The Bartica/Potaro Road in Region Eight which will connect Bartica to Mahdia is to be rehabilated.

According to a GINA press release, Senior Hinterland Engineer, Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Naeem Mohamed, said that most of the critical work will be between 80 Miles and 111 Miles, which is approximately eight miles from the Issano Road junction in Bartica.

The Denham Suspension Bridge at Garraway Stream  (GINA photo)
The Denham Suspension Bridge at Garraway Stream  (GINA photo)

Meanwhile, Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Annette Ferguson, said “A technical team visited the area and they’re now in the process of preparing the engineer’s estimate. When that is completed, they will go out for public tendering. When we receive those tenders, (they) will be reviewed and forwarded to Cabinet for ‘no objection’ by route of the National Procurement and Tender Administration Board (NPTAB).”

Additionally, the release stated that the Denham Suspension Bridge at Garraway Stream; popularly referred to especially by miners as the Cassandra Crossing Bridge; along the Bartica-Potaro Road will also be repaired. Mohamed explained that the bridge is the main one linking Bartica and Mahdia. “We are currently doing an estimate for the Cassandra Crossing Bridge and examining the best alternative for construction, whether the bridge will be a concrete structure, steel structure and whether it will be a one-span or intermediate span,” Mohamed said.

A total of $400M is to be used for rehabilitation works on the bridge, GINA said.



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