Teen charged over ganja claims wrongful arrest

A South Sophia youth was yesterday remanded to prison on a charge of ganja trafficking after police say he was found with a quantity of the drug on him.

But Emaka Foster, 18, of 679 Section ‘C,’ South Sophia, who denied the charge that he had in his possession 33 grammes of cannabis for trafficking, told a city court that he was wrongfully arrested.

Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan heard that the teen, who is a blocker maker, was found with the drug on him on June 29, at Hill Street, Lodge.

Police Prosecutor Deniro Jones told the court that on the day in question, police at the Brickdam Police Station, acting on information, went to Hill Street, Lodge, where they searched Foster. The cannabis was allegedly found in Foster’s right side pants pocket.

Emaka Foster
Emaka Foster

The prosecutor, in objecting to bail, noted that Foster gave the court a different address to the one he gave to the police.

When Foster was given a chance to speak, he said that he resides at both his father’s place and his stepmother’s place, which is why he has two addresses. He also told the court that on the day of the incident, the drugs were never found on him. He said that on that day he and his friends were making blocks near to a drug house. Foster said another youth went to buy the cannabis and when he saw the police approaching, he threw the drugs in his direction. The defendant said that the police arrested him because the cannabis was near to him.

The Chief Magistrate subsequently remanded Foster to prison until July 31.

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