No case made against accused in attempted Laing Avenue murder

– lawyer

A no-case submission was made on behalf of attempted murder accused Stafrei Alexander.

It is alleged that on March 23, 2015, Alexander discharged a loaded firearm with intent to murder Curtis Thom, 47, at Laing Avenue, Georgetown.

On the day of the shooting, Thom had ventured into his yard to feed his dog and he was shot multiple times about his body: to his chest and left shoulder.

 Stafrei Alexander
Stafrei Alexander

During the continuation of Alexander’s preliminary trial on Monday, his attorney George Thomas made a no-case submission to Magistrate Leron Daly.

According to Thomas, the prosecution has failed to prove that it was the defendant who fired the weapon that injured Thom. He further stated that the evidence presented by Thom only shows that he had no clear sight of the defendant.

Thomas also charged that the prosecution failed to demonstrate that there was a proper investigation what would lead to a conviction and that the court should not call on the defendant to stand trial.

In reply to the attorney’s submissions, Police Prosecutor Bharat Mangru stated that given the fact that the defendant is known to Thom he was able to recognise him and that he had seen him earlier in the day prior to the incident occurring, he was able to identify him.

Evidence presented, according to the prosecution, would have established a prima facie case against Alexander and this ought to compel the court to have the defendant stand trial.

Magistrate Daly later adjourned the matter to October 11 for ruling on the no-case submission.

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