Ulverston man accused of murdering woman arrested

The man who fled the scene after allegedly stabbing the mother of his four children on Monday afternoon was arrested by Berbice’s top lawmen during the wee hours of yesterday morning at Lesbeholden Backlands, Corentyne, Berbice

Commander of B Division, Kevin Adonis confirmed to Stabroek News that the man was in  police custody as the investigation continues.

Winston Benjamin also known as ‘Blood’, 40, a cane harvester of Ulverston Village, Corentyne is accused of stabbing his wife multiple times in a nearby shop. A police source informed Stabroek News that the woman, Yansen Brusch, 38, of Lot 20 Ulverston Village, sustained five stabs about her body.

Winston Benjamin
Winston Benjamin
Dead: Yansen Brusche
Dead: Yansen Brusche

Beverly Green, the owner of the shop where the incident took place, told Stabroek News that Brusche entered the shop around 1.15 pm, followed approximately one minute later by the father of her children.

“I see when he come in, she pull to the one side,” Green said.

“So when me see her move aside, I ask her what happen with ayo two and Yansen word was, ‘me weary quarrel and me weary sin me soul, God and the court will decide.’” It was then, Green said, that Benjamin whipped out a knife from his back pocket and started to stab Brusche about her body.

“I tried to grab him from over the counter, but after I couldn’t a reach I run around,” she said. Risking her own life, Green “hold on to him for Yansen to escape.

She try to go to the gate, but then the gate did close [and] she run in to me living room.”

Green said she was still holding tightly to Benjamin’s hand and he ordered her to let go of him. By then, fear had stepped in and she complied.

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