KFC back in business

Fast food lovers inside KFC yesterday

Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) today quietly reopened its doors to the public and its first location, under a new franchise holder,  is housed under the NALICO/NAFICO headquarters on Hincks Street, Georgetown.

The chain restaurant has returned to Guyana under new management after operations were ordered shut in 2014.

Today, as word spread of the opening, dozens of fast food lovers flocked the location to satisfy their taste buds. Many persons also used social media platforms to announce their appreciation of the return of the ‘finger licking’ fast food eatery.

One staffer told Stabroek News that following the opening at 10 this morning the restaurant had been filled.

Patrons also said they were impressed with the interior of the operation as it was spacious and comfortable. “It blocks out the busyness on the outside, the staff were courteous and welcoming,” one patron said.

The Beharry Group of Companies secured the franchise last year and there were some hiccups in getting planning approvals from the city. These were later expedited.

Sources say the group plans to open at six locations across the country. The next location will be at the corner of Eping Avenue and Vlissengen Road.

In August 2013, the KFC outlet near Stabroek Square and the KFC and Pizza Hut outlets on Vlissengen Road were forced to close for “maintenance” after regional representatives of Yum! Brands, the company that owns both KFC and Pizza Hut, visited and found poor hygiene practices.

The franchise was then held by Friendship Hotel & Restaurant Holdings Limited headed by businessman Deo Singh.

Later that year, the Guyana Revenue Authority had also announced that it had instituted wind-up proceedings against Friendship Hotel & Restaurant Holdings over large outstanding taxes.

Friendship Hotel & Restaurant Holdings Limited is a sister company of DIDCO Trading Company Limited, which on its website said Singh, with his vision, was able to secure the KFC franchise. The first KFC outlet opened its doors in Guyana on April 26, 1994 at the busy downtown location at Stabroek.

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