Army patrols deployed to Port Kaituma in wake of mystery aircraft sighting

Guyana Defence Force (GDF) patrols have been deployed to Port Kaituma as investigations continue into claims made earlier this month of a mysterious aircraft hovering over that area.

Stabroek News has been reliably informed that following the submission of an incident report to the GDF, army members were sent into the area to conduct investigations.

Once the investigation is completed, the GDF expects that more definitive answers will be provided, Stabroek News was told.

On November 1, this newspaper had published a news item highlighting the concerns of residents of Fitzburg and Canal Bank, Port Kaituma who claimed to have sighted an unidentified aircraft hovering over the area.

A Fitzburg resident, who asked not to be named, told this newspaper he first saw the strange aircraft “circling” in the airspace above the Port Kaituma Airstrip before heading down the river to an area called Canal Bank.

“… As it went down the river, it descended lower,” he said, before adding that the area where it was next spotted was in proximity to where the local authorities had discovered a makeshift submarine suspected to have been used to convey drugs from Colombia to Guyana two years ago.

With all of this in mind, the man had said, he contacted the Port Kaituma Police Station and related what he had seen. However, he was told that there was no transportation available at that time for the ranks to investigate.

The following day, the resident said, “I call a friend who living down the river and when he come by me the next day, he told me the workers on his farm see the plane as well as what they say look like four objects falling from the aircraft.

A similar account was given by another resident from Canal Bank, who described the aircraft as a “small jet” that did not resemble any aircraft he would have seen in Guyana before.

Contacted, Commander of ‘F’ Division Ravindradat Budhram had told Stabroek News that several ranks in the area reportedly saw an unidentified aircraft in the Port Kaituma airspace. Like the residents, they too had not seen any markings on the aircraft that could be used to possibly identify it.

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