Teenager draws 24 months jail for armed robbery

A teenager who was charged with armed robbery two weeks ago was yesterday sentenced to 24 months imprisonment for the crime.

Alfred Taylor, 18, of Lot 30 West Front Road, first appeared before Magistrate Judy Latchman, who read the charge that on October 28, at West Ruimveldt, armed with a gun, he robbed Oneil Schultz of a gold chain, which was valued at $180,000. The chain was the property of Alice Bruce.

When Taylor’s case was called before Magistrate Annette Singh yesterday, Police Prosecutor Bharat Mangru called three witnesses.

Subsequent to the testimony of the three witnesses, the prosecution closed its case and gave closing statements. The magistrate noted that a prima facie case was established and called on Taylor to tell his side of the story. He opted to remain silent.

Taylor was later sentenced to 24 months imprisonment for the crime.

During his first court appearance, Taylor had said that on the day of the robbery he had gotten into a fight with Schultz, whom he knows quite well and who had earlier in the day thrown an explosive at him. He stated that as a result of the altercation, he was accused of stealing Schultz’s chain.

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