Dear Editor

The more GTT stretches its arms to higher heights, the worse their service becomes and the more irate and disenfranchised their customers become.

Their DSL Internet service is one example of a very poor service that many, many customers like myself constantly experience the worst of.

Currently I’m without service due to a problem that was reported over a week ago. I’m sure my concerns do not even equal those of other customers without service who have been reporting their complaints via the 0488 hot line for longer than I have.

This company has now launched 4G. Shouldn’t they get their cell phone mobile net and DSL as well as landline services to a better standard before moving to 4G, which I am sure will also have numerous problems.

Finally the New Amsterdam commercial office is a nightmare daily. Lines reach the gate and only one cashier is working. This is how they treat their so-called valued customers. Any given day in that compound is a nightmare, with the lines continuing even upstairs dealing with phone queries and other services.

This is a shame and disgrace for this multibillion dollar company claiming to be getting better all the time.


Yours faithfully,

Leon Suseran

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