Traffic officer was disrespectful

Dear Editor,

I encountered disrespect at the Demerara Harbour Bridge junction, West Bank of Demerara on Wednesday, November 16, at 07:30hrs, from a specific traffic police officer (name provided). This officer, who as every citizen of Guyana is aware, is there to serve and protect, unless I am ignorant of the Laws of Guyana.

I along with other commuters traverse this bridge on a daily basis and have to deal with the chaotic traffic both in the morning and afternoon hours. One would like to think that these officers are facilitating the smooth flow of traffic and would direct the traffic in a professional manner, but this is not so. Yesterday morning I was coming from the West Bank Demerara where vehicles were still being allowed to join the line before the bridge. There was a thirty-seater bus in front of me and two private cars behind. The officer allowed the bus in front of me to pass, and then pulled the steel barricade blocking me from passing. He further directed me to join the Schoon Ord line of traffic, and then pulled the steel barricade again allowing the two private cars who were behind me to proceed and join the line approaching the bridge. Was this not being disrespectful to me?

I am appalled at the sickening behaviour by this officer. In addition, his colleagues who were standing less than a stone’s throw away from him had nothing to say concerning the issue. I asked him why he was being so disrespectful to me. He stated in a loud, disgusting tone that I should take a picture of him. I would have done so; however I was given a pass by a public spirited citizen (another driver) to join the line from Schoon Ord. I am requesting that this police officer stationed at the La Grange Police Station be given a stern warning in relation to how to conduct himself when he is on duty. It is utterly disrespectful, especially to female drivers, when male drivers are allowed to proceed and female drivers are blocked from passing through the same traffic. Ongoing training needs to be done for the Guyana Police Force to comprehend what gender equality is. I felt insulted, disrespected, and embarrassed to have been in the line and literally got thrown out so I would have to struggle to join another line whilst other vehicles were allowed to pass.

Yours faithfully,

(Name and address provided)

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