GFF slaps $200,000 fine on Pele for walk off

Following an investigation into Pele Football Club’s walk off during an Elite League fixture against Alpha United, the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) has slapped a $200,000 fine and a deduction of points from their tally.

According to a release from the federation, the executive committee of the GFF has opted to sanction the club after they were found to have violated several rules governing the event.

Due to the deduction, Pele now has 14 points and drops to the fifth position.

“In the matter of the Pele Club’s abandonment of Match 52 in the Stag Elite League Finale, the Executive Committee of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) had ruled the following in keeping with Article 15.2 of the Stag Elite League Regulation: 1. That Pele Club will be fined a total of GYD 200,000. 2. Forfeiture of the match by Pele FC and a 3-0 victory awarded to Alpha United FC. 3. Deduction of three points from Pele FC from the Points Standings in the League,” the release from the GFF stated.

According to the document, the GFF has the right to suspend and disqualify any individual associated with a team for a breach of the tourney rules.

The correspondence said “Article 15.2 states that the Guyana Football Federation shall have the authority to suspend, fine or disqualify any official(s), player(s) or competing teams(s) that breach any Laws of the League or for any action or conduct not in the best interest of football or the Elite League.

“Additionally, the Executive Committee has ruled that the club had violated Article 13.5 of the said Regulations and will face disciplinary actions if found guilty of bringing the game into disrepute and will be liable for a minimum fine of twenty thousand dollars. Further, the fine indicated earlier (GYD 200,000) must be paid by the 27th May, 2016; failure to adhere to this deadline will result in further disciplinary action being taken against the club.”

The incident occurred on May 18th with the score locked 2-0 in favour of Alpha United. Following a foul outside the centre of the semicircle, Golden Jaguars International Gregory Richardson was shown a red card for allegedly using abusive language towards the official in complaint for the distance of the wall marked from the infraction.

Chaos then ensued as Daniel Wilson scored from the spot-kick to make it 2-0, with protests coming in every direction from the Pele players who surrounded the official. Omallo Williams was then issued a red card moments later before the restart of the contest for allegedly using threatening language to the referee.

It was at this moment that the Pele players left the playing area in protest. Despite the attempts of the match commissioner to appease the situation, the players refused to take the playing area and the match was subsequently abandoned following discussions with the match commissioner and the Director of Competitions Ian Alves.



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