‘Man in the Mirror’ by Nielson Nurse

Guyana Fashion Week 2016 came to a close after more than a full week of activities ending with two Runway Style nights at the Pegasus Hotel which saw packed audiences being treated to the ‘fashion fusion’ promised.

Runway Style brought with it elegance, creativity, enticement and all that fashion does for you.  The pieces showcased catered for all occasions, various body types, both genders and for those also who prefer to stand out.

It was all there, from silk to cotton. In fact cotton never looked better with paintings depicting Guyana’s animals, flora and fauna.

GFW presented a collection of artistic pieces from designers: Nikita Fraser, Fitness Fashion Columbia, Sohan Badall, Onika Baptiste, JLO & Izod by Chetsons, Dawn Van Rossum (Fashion Collage), Deborah Mathias (jewellery pieces made from semi-precious stones), Tracey Douglas (Subtle), Meleesa Payne, Paula Evans (Expressions of Guyana), Crystal Benjamin, Nielson Nurse (Metamorphosis/Man in the Mirror), Jerome Simon (Fantasy), Sidney Francois (Garden City), Abigail Allicock, Marcella Allicock, Vanda Allicock (who brought Indigenous fashion pieces) and last but not least Sonia Noel with ‘Renaissance’ and ‘Male to Order’.

The Allicocks showcased pieces of natural fabric and beads depicting Guyana’s animals, flora and fauna and will be travelling with Trinidadian creative designer, Richard Young to Malaysia to be a part of the Indigenous Fashion Week there.

In a brief comment, Noel, CEO of Guyana Fashion Week, spoke about how the creative sector has played a pivotal role in the country’s income sector. “I vow,” she added, “to continue. I’m committed to add value to myself so I can add to others.”

The GFW used its platform to highlight issues such as domestic violence, people living with disabilities and trafficking in persons.

Guyana Fashion Week will be back come 2018.

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