Swiss Machinery diesel expo targeting truck owners, miners

Chief Executive Officer of local company Swiss Machinery, Harold Beharry, has told Stabroek Business that tomorrow’s One Stop Diesel Expo being staged at the Georgetown Club represents a direct service to key areas of the Guyana economy since it targets equipment and machinery that is critical to the operations of important sectors.

The head of the local diesel engine company which deals with service, parts, supplies, procurement and shipping told this newspaper in an interview on Wednesday that he hoped the event would attract the attention and active participation of the mining sector given the volume of diesel-driven equipment employed in the industry.

A demonstration excavator with a Seal Saver fitted

Beharry said Swiss Machinery, which serves as the agent for 19 internationally recognized companies, will be seeking to “turn out” products and services that will contribute to the longevity of diesel-driven equipment deployed to work in challenging conditions. “What we are doing will target diesel engines and other components and in the process we are seeking to reduce the amount of down time and to maximize both production and returns for owners,” Beharry said.

Tomorrow’s expo will mark what Beharry hopes will be the inauguration of an annual event. He said that Swiss Machinery had invited persons familiar with the components and services, which the expo is offering, to work with participants and to demonstrate the products. He said that what the expo will be offering vehicle and equipment owners are “quality parts at factory prices” that are attended by warranties.

Among the products that will be turned out at tomorrow’s expo will be the SEPAR advanced fuel filtration system which, Beharry said is environmentally friendly and will provide “99% clean fuel.” The expo will also be turning out what Beharry described as a Clean Air Fleet Recycling System the functions to purify hydraulic fluid. Demonstration systems have been set up for the various products and services.

According to Beharry, the event will seek to pay generous attention to sustaining the efficiency of excavators customarily deployed in the gold-mining industry. Tomorrow, the company will introduce a Seal Saver, which Beharry says will serve to protect cylinders from damage as well as seal locks, a metal stitching system designed to repair fractured engine components.

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