Lawrence finds areas for improvement in tour of ministry’s Material Management Unit

New Public Health Minister Volda Lawrence on Wednesday visited the ministry’s Material Management Unit (MMU) and its Central Supply Unit (CSU) to get a scope of their functions and she has identified areas that need improvement.

“The Minister’s visit was primarily for the purpose of meeting the staff and gaining an insight into the functioning of the Procurement Office, the Accounting Department, Stores and General Administration. Further, the Minister wanted to ascertain the Policies guiding these Units, the Line of Authority, the Systems and Procedures and the physical structure,” a statement issued by her ministry said yesterday.

According to the press statement, Lawrence noted that technology wasnot being fully utilised in these areas and that a more modern storage facility would facilitate faster and smoother operation within the unit. Furthermore, she found that the proper storage of medical materials and equipment as well as furnishings and supplies were areas that need to be addressed. It was noted that at her visit to the MMU, the minister gave staff the opportunity to voice their concerns and raise suggestions for the unit’s management and improvement.

This new portfolio of Lawrence’s, who functioned formerly as Minister of Social Protection, was announced by President David Granger last week.

In a recorded statement released by the Ministry of the Presidency, President Granger had stated that the decision to remove Dr George Norton stemmed from a number of criticisms that were made over the past year. He had noted too that Lawrence’s appointment would bring “certain managerial skills” to the ministry which he stated has a material and human resource management problem.

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