Daughter of elderly Morawhanna fire victim urges proper investigation

The daughter of the elderly woman who died last month in a blaze at Morawhanna, in the North West District, is appealing to officials to properly investigate the case, which she believes may have stemmed from malicious circumstances.

Vendor Pearl Savory, 82, died on March 7, in an early morning blaze that consumed her house, where she was the lone occupant.

Beulah Savory told Stabroek News that even as recent as two days before her mother’s death, the elderly woman had been receiving regular visits from an unknown man who would offer her money to purchase the land. Beulah stated that her mother had told him that she could not sell the land as it belonged to her children.

According to the woman, her mother had been paying for the property for over 50 years.

Beulah further related that after a week’s hiatus, she visited the property this week to find that someone had been cleaning and tidying the site.

She stated that the man hired to do so said he had been employed by a man who claimed he had papers for the land, which he produced.

At the time of the original report on the matter, police had been carrying out investigations. Commander of ‘F’ Division, Ravindradat Budhram related on Wednesday that a fire investigator had visited the scene and a report is being compiled.

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