Police say recorded 43% drop in murders at end of March compared to last year

The Guyana Police Force says it recorded a 3% decrease in serious crimes at the end of March, relative to the same period last year and this encompassed a 43% decrease in murder, with an 87% clear up rate.

In a statement yesterday, the police said there was a 7% hike in robberies where no instruments were used, with a 7% clear up rate; a 9% increase in robbery under arms where firearms were used, with a 28% clear up rate; a 12% rise in robbery under arms where other instruments were used by the perpetrators, with a clear up rate of 27%; a 48% jump in robbery with violence, with a 57% clear up rate; a 30% increase in robbery with aggravation,  with a 38% clear up rate .

Thirty-seven unlicensed firearms were seized, compared with sixteen for the corresponding period last year.

A breakdown of the 37 firearms, is as follows: Pistols-18; Revolvers-4; Shotguns-7; Rifles-8.

“The reduction of serious crimes though not significant, coupled with the large amount of illegal weapons seized and the number of persons arrested and charged with indictable offences, are positive indicators that the Police Force is gaining the public’s trust and support in the fight against crime”, the force said.

In relation to Traffic Management, there was a 21% decrease in fatal accidents. Twenty-six fatalities were recorded at the end of March, compared to twenty-nine for the same period last year. Serious, minor and damage accidents have been lowered by 23.3%, 36% and 37% respectively.

The categories of road users killed from January-March 2017 as well as vehicles involved in fatal accidents are as follows:

Road Users Killed

  1. Drivers-7
  2. Pedestrians-6
  3. Pedal Cyclist-5
  4. Motor Cyclist-4
  5. Occupants in car-4

Vehicles Involved

  1. Private Cars-12
  2. Pedal Cycles-4
  3. Mini Buses-3
  4. Motor lorries-4
  5. Hire Cars-4
  6. Motor Pickup-1
  7. Motor Cycles-4

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