City Hall clears Sandy Babb St mechanic off reserve

One day after this newspaper reported on a makeshift mechanic shop on the reserve in the Sandy Babb Street, Kitty area,  city workers yesterday swoop-ed down and cleared the area.

This newspaper had previously reported that residents of the area at the eastern end of Sandy Babb Street had filed complaints for the past 16 months in connection with the setting up of the mechanic workshop.

The now empty lot after City Hall had removed the makeshift mechanic shop (Photo by Oliceia Tinnie)

When Stabroek News visited the site yesterday, the makeshift workshop had been completely dismantled, and all the vehicles and abandoned truck trays had been removed. Workers were observed clearing away sections of the area, whilst the workshop owner looked on in dismay.

When asked how he felt about the situation, he replied that they were “taking money outta people mouth.”’

Ramesh Rajkumar, a resident whose home is obliquely opposite the site where the workshop was located, stated that workers from City Hall began clearing the area early yesterday morning. He noted, however, that a section of his fence had been broken down during the clearing of the lot and he was unsure why this had been done.

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