City schedules massive clean-up for Stabroek Square on May 21

A massive clean-up campaign is being organized for the Stabroek Square by the Mayor and City Council on  Sunday, May 21.

Town Clerk Royston King, during Monday’s statutory meeting made the announcement explaining that the cleaning is a part of the agreement between the city and the vendors.

He stated that the cleaning exercise will also be carried out on Hadfield, Regent, Robb, Croal, Water and High streets.

“If you look at what is happening in our drains, they are filled with over 1000 phone cards and other non-biodegradable materials… we need to clean up the area,” King said, adding that the exercise is also part of the celebration of the country’s 51st Indepen-dence Anniversary.

Additionally, he called on businesses to desist from sweeping dust and  paper wrappings into the drains and urged them to participate in the cleaning.

Last May, the council carried out a similar activity at Stabroek Market Square, days before the 50th Independence celebrations. City Hall has said it intends to reshape not just the appearance, but also the ambience of the area.

However, during that clean-up campaign vendors were removed from selling on the Stabroek Square, which had led to a major outcry form the vendors.

The Council had removed partitions on the Stabroek Square which were being used as a parking lot for buses operating in South Georgetown and on Main Street.

The city had put the barricades in place to create order for the minibus operators, and for a neater market front.

However, the council has ordered that the Stabroek Square be free of vending, and be utilized as a recreational space for the public.





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