Linden wants 60% Mackenzie bridge money from NICIL

over $200M in debt

Mayor of Linden Carwyn Holland told media operatives last week that the town depends heavily on the money that is accrued from the Linden/Mackenzie Bridge, and a bailout is needed to get an inherited $200 million debt off the Township’s” back.”

According to a GINA press release the mayor said that while it is not enough to maintain the damage to the infrastructure that takes place on a regular basis, it is much needed. Holland added that 60% would be a fair amount to ask of the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) to give to the township.

Carwyn Holland

“Most of the finances would go back to or is under the control of NICIL, and that is something that needs to be discussed and be looked at, because I believe for years with Linden, who have been paying its dues for that bridge, it’s about time that bill be covered or cleared so that it can be back in the hands of the people of Linden,” Holland was quoted as saying in the media bulletin.

“We are indebted to NIS, GRA and several persons and it is a monkey on our backs which we need to get off,” the Linden Mayor was quoted in the GINA release as lamenting, as he noted that the Township has inherited over $200 million in debt and a bailout is needed.

According to the press release Holland added that the benefits from the increase from NICIL will be for the benefit of the people of Linden. Holland further noted that the trucks and heavy-duty vehicles that cross the bridge every day are responsible for most of the damage to the infrastructure in Linden, and the revenue needs to be had to help develop the town.

“So far we reach a stage where we are engaging NICIL; we’ve been meeting with them now on a monthly basis. We’ve pushed so far to have councillors on the committee that is managing, so we are now on the inside of what’s going on there,” the Mayor was quoted in the GINA bulletin as saying.

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