Corentyne man accused of beating wife to death surrenders

Adesh Mulloo, also known as ‘Cow Curry’, of Number 58 Village, Corentyne, late yesterday accompanied by his lawyer, Mursaline Bacchus, turned himself into police custody at the New Amsterdam Police Station, according to the Commander of B Division, Ian Amsterdam. Amsterdam told Stabroek News, that the man’s attorney has since provided investigators with a statement.

The accused remains in custody, as the police are conducting their investigation in order to clarify what led to the death of 34-year-old Gomattie Ramsingh, who was in a year-long common -law marriage with Mulloo.

Adesh Mulloo

A post mortem examination has since revealed that Ramsingh died as a result of blunt force trauma to the head, spinal injuries and other internal injuries.

A source told Stabroek News that the autopsy had revealed that the injuries Ramsingh  sustained were not consistent with those of a fall.

After Ramsingh was rushed to the Skeldon Public Hospital last Friday, relatives who live next door to Mulloo were quick to come to his aid, by claiming that they had witnessed Ramsingh falling from the veranda.

However, the mother of three, before succumbing to her injuries at the Georgetown Public Hospital on Sunday evening around 7:30 pm, told relatives in a video recording which was provided to Stabroek News, that Mulloo had beaten her with an iron rod and a piece of wood.

She had said that the man hit her with the iron rod on her head, after which he dealt her several lashes about her body with the wood. She also added that he dragged her by her hair up the stairs and dealt her more lashes in the house.

Gomattie Ramsingh

“He knock me with one scantling [wood] and iron. When he knock me with the iron, me start see dark. He drag me in a whole yard. He beat me and drag me up from the step with me hair and shove me on the wall, and indeed he take ah iron and lash me pon me head.”

While the woman did not state in the video that she had been pushed down the stairs, eyewitnesses have since come forth and claimed that she was pushed.

She had explained that the incident was a result of her taking Mulloo’s drugs and throwing them away. She said that he had demanded money to make a second purchase of drugs, but when she did not provide him with any money, he flew into a rage.

Ramsingh had three children from her first union. Her relatives are demanding justice for her demise.

Photos saved in pictures as Adesh Mulloo and  Gomattie Ramsingh

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