Canvas City man dies in accident

Wismar resident Sherwin Hermanstein died on Tuesday night after being struck by a car on the Half  Mile Public Road, Wismar, Linden, and the driver of the vehicle was found to have had alcohol above the legal limit.

According to a police press release, around 10:45 on Tuesday night, the 38-year-old of Lot 534 Canvas City, Wismar was hit by a speeding car while he attempted to cross the road.

Sherwin Hermanstein

The vehicle, PSS 5865, was driven by a resident of Industrial Area, MacKenzie, who was found to be above the alcohol limited when tested by police. After the collision, the driver had reportedly transported Hermanstein, who was in an unconscious state, to the Linden Hospital Complex. It was said that he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The driver is currently in custody assisting with investigations and a post-mortem examination is scheduled for tomorrow.


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