Police hunting man who assaulted, killed Crabwood Creek pensioner

Police in Berbice are on the hunt for the man who invaded a Crabwood Creek pensioner’s house and assaulted her during the wee hours of Friday morning, resulting in her death.

Jasodra Sankar, 76, of Grant 1779 Crabwood Creek, Berbice, was rushed to the Skeldon Public Hospital around 3 am on Friday, after she alerted relatives that an intruder had assaulted her in her concrete, two-bedroom flat house. A pair of slippers found at the woman’s house has led to fingers being pointed at a known man.

Sankar was treated at the Skeldon Public Hospital for some time, and then around 5 am on Friday, she was transferred to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital;

Jasodra Sankar

she had severe internal bleeding. Relatives told Stabroek News that the woman succumbed at the New Amsterdam Hospital around 3.15 pm on Friday.

According to information gathered, Sankar resided with her 13-year-old grandson. A relative told this publication, that the lad, who is a school dropout, would “walk all hours of the night. She door can’t lock. She does lef the window lil open and the grandson does go in, but she door na lock at all.” At the time of the incident, the woman’s grandson was not at home.

Raymond Jordan

Sankar’s daughter, Janet Jordan, also known as “Girly”, 48, who lives a couple houses away, told this publication that around 2 am on Friday, she heard banging on her flooring. She then heard her mother shouting for help. “When we come down she deh roll downstairs, so we carry she upstairs on the bed, she roll down and say, ‘Watch na how them tear way me mouth.’ So me ask she what happen, when me watch she she [left] eye swell up and bare blood deh. She head a back been swell up big, big with nuff blood too… She wrap up in one sheet and the sheet knot three times round she neck. When me loose she out, she start groan with pain,” Jordan said.

Sankar pleaded to be taken to the hospital, since she could not bear the pain.

It was not until they got to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital, Jordan said, where doctors conducted several tests, that she learned that her mother had been sexually assaulted.

Janet Jordan

Meanwhile, Sankar’s son Raymond Jordan, 33, of Molsen Creek, told Stabroek News, that on Thursday the alleged perpetrator was imbibing at his home, after which the man left to purchase a pair of slippers and a perfume. “He come by me from river,” Raymond said. “Long me and he is friends. He does smoke and drink bad. When he lef and go, he buy one perfume and slippers and come back and abie drink some more. Then he say he a go by he boss man to collect some more money and come back.” But that was the last time he saw the suspect.

On Friday morning when he was informed that his mother had been assaulted, Raymond rushed to her house. “When me go the morning at she house, the slippers what he buy and lef with to go collect more money, the very slippers lef deh by she house. When me go in the house me see one cloth with bare blood, like wa them tie she hand with, and then me pick up the slippers and carry it to the station,” he said.

Police have since launched a search for the man, but so far have come up empty handed. According to residents, the suspect is known to work out in the river and might have fled out to the river.

When contacted, Commander of ‘B’ Division Ian Amsterdam said the woman had provided relatives with her attacker’s name before she died. “The police know who they are looking for, but they haven’t found him as yet. We are looking for him though,” Amsterdam said.

Sankar was a mother of five children. According to her children, she lived a full and healthy life and was not ill except for some pain in her feet.

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