T&HD still awaiting engineers’ assessments of Leguan stelling


The Transport and Harbours Department (T&HD) is still awaiting assessments from engineers to decide if the Leguan Stelling is in need of urgent repair works.

General Manager of the T&HD Marcelene Merchant on Monday told Stabroek News that the department was still waiting on the assessment from engineers, which is to be compiled with another assessment from an independent engineer before a decision is to be made on what actions will be taken on the stelling.

She noted that the T&HD’s assessment is expected by the end of the week but was unsure when the independent engineer’s assessment will be done.

“We will look at it based on the analysis. If it is critical, then provisions will be made for it to be fixed this year,” Merchant had told Stabroek News three weeks ago.

The deplorable state of the stelling was highlighted after boat operators and drivers who use the facility on a daily basis raised their concerns during a visit by Stabroek News almost month ago.

Boat operator, Bassant (only name given), had related that the stelling has been in a dilapidated state for more than two years and had been slowly getting worse. “If you only go under the stelling when them vehicles driving past then you gon be really worried. Every time you there and it pass the whole thing does shake and tumble and you does got to wonder how much more pressure it could take,” Bassant had said.

When contacted again, the man related that the state of the structure has worsened. “Since the last time, it only get worse. Is nah like it gonna fix it self. If you watch it carefully you notice something different every day. You does notice something new shaking every day and you don’t know when it gon be the last. One big squall or heavy wind blow one day and it might fall and I don’t know why them taking so long to fix it,” Bassant said.

In September, 2015, in the wake of six pile clusters located on the southern side of the Leguan Stelling collapsing, emergency work was undertaken by the T&HD. That work was concluded on September 4, 2015.

The T&HD had announced in December, 2015, that $24 million would be put towards maintenance works of the stelling’s driveway, decking, beams, piles and the rehabilitation of the fender system. While the work was slated to start early 2016, it is unclear whether anything was ever done.

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