Garbage contractors issue another ultimatum to city

Cevons Waste Management and Puran Brothers have threatened to withdraw their garbage collection services on Sunday due to the Mayor and City Council’s (MCC) failure to honour their commitment to pay meet outstanding amounts.

In  separate correspondence to the city, both companies said that while they would have engaged in talks with the council, there has been no payment to date.

“Since the resumption there has not been one payment honoured and on every occasion that the Mayor and City Council gave a commitment to meet with Cevons Waste Management with a view of addressing outstanding payment, the council has arbitrarily terminated those meetings,” the company said.

“It is now 23 days since resumption took place and…unless we can receive appropriate payments, waste collection services rendered to the MCC will be withdrawn on Sunday 6th August, 2017,” Cevons said in a statement.

Puran Brothers also said that despite attending several meetings, their concerns were not satisfactorily addressed by the council. Hence, the company said that they would also be suspending their operations on Sunday.

Both companies have suspended their collection services on several occasions and  as recently as last month due to the city’s arrears. They had threatened to pull services near the end of last year due to the situation. An attempt by the M&CC to assume responsibility for collection in several city wards last year was unsuccessful.

Last month, Director of Solid Waste Management, Walter Narine at a press conference had said that the council “has a plan to gradually take Georgetown back under our stewardship.”

“We do not foresee 10 to 15 years from now private contractors doing garbage collection for the city,” Narine said, pointing to the need for the council to save money.


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