Timehri miner bludgeoned to death in Potaro backdam

A Timehri, East Bank Demerara miner was beaten to death on Saturday at a dredge site in the Potaro backdam during an alcohol-fuelled clash with a co-worker.

Mohabeer Gangadeen

The dead miner has been identified as Mohabeer Gangadeen of Lot 1, GAC Old Road, Timehri, East Bank Demerara. The murder, police said, occurred at around 5.30 pm on Saturday.

Police Commander of F Division Ravindradat Budhram told Stabroek News yesterday that the suspect in the murder is assisting with investigations.

This newspaper was told that the suspect has admitted to committing the crime. The men were employed with miner, Alvin Rambarran.

The police said that the men were at the dredge in the Potaro Backdam consuming high wine and vodka when an argument ensued resulting in an altercation.

Information reaching this newspaper stated that Gangadeen accused the suspect of stealing gold from the dredge site together with another employee.

As a result of the allegation, the duo got into a heated argument leading  Gangadeen to pick up a white spade and deal the suspect several lashes about his hand and  face. The suspect, police said managed to overpower Gangadeen and took away the spade. He then dealt the now deceased man several lashes about his body and later pushed him into the water.

The suspect, police said, then removed Gangadeen  from the water and he later succumbed. At the time of the murder the suspect and Gangadeen were the only ones at the dredge. The operations had been closed and both men were left to watch over the dredge.

Police said the when the matter was initially reported the suspect said Gangadeen was highly intoxicated and he fell into the water and drowned.

However, when detectives arrived on the scene and examined the lifeless body of Gangadeen they found marks of violence. An examination of the suspect’s body also showed marks of violence, leading detectives to not believe the initial story.

After being grilled, the suspect related to investigators what transpired.

Police said Gangadeen was found in his underwear with multiple lacerations on his head, hand and back and black and blue marks about his body.

The alleged murder weapon was recovered from the scene and was taken as a part of the evidence.

Efforts are being made to escort Gangadeen’s body to Georgetown for a post- mortem report.

The deceased’s sister Nazira Khan told Stabroek News  that around 5.30 pm on Saturday she received a phone call from a brother informing her of the death. She said not long after, the General Manager called and told the family that he received a call from the suspect who told him that Gangadeen was drunk and had fallen into the water and he had to pull him out. She added that when they tried to call the suspect’s phone it was turned off.

Khan said that they last saw Gangadeen about four months ago when he had visited.

She said even though the operations had closed he stayed at the mining camp and looked over the dredge.

She noted that another brother has left for the interior to assist police with escorting the body to Georgetown.


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