Jawalla storm damaged 33 houses

The Region Seven administration has committed to working with residents of Jawalla, in the Upper Mazaruni to restore a sense of normalcy following last Friday’s storm which damaged dozens of houses.

Regional Chairman Gordon Bradford told Stabroek News last evening that a team comprising newly appointed Minister of Public Affairs, Dawn Hastings-Williams, Junior Minister of Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs Valerie Garrido- Lowe, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Shamdeo Persaud, representatives from the Civil Defence Commission and the Regional Executive Officer along with himself, among others visited the indigenous community on Monday.

It was from this visit he said, that they were able to have a firsthand look at the damage caused by last Friday’s storm which as reported by Stabroek News killed 29 year old Marsha Jordan, a seven-month pregnant mother of two.

Based on observations made during the visit, the number of houses damaged by the storm now stands at thirty-two while a total of five houses have been flattened, the chairman related.

In addition to such, Bradford said there is need for residents to be counseled since last Friday’s storm was the first experienced by many residents in Jawalla and more so for the husband of the dead woman who he says has been traumatized to the point where he is unable to go back to the house where the incident happened.

This being said, Bradford noted that it is something that will be seriously considered for the benefit of those who have been traumatized.

In the meantime, residents have already received supplies in the form of chainsaws and other tools as well as fuel and lubricants provided by the Region as a means of assisting the community in the rebuilding process.

Additionally, they will receive assistance from engineers from the Guyana Defence Force will be deployed to the village all with the aim of having the village return to a state of normalcy as soon as possible.



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