Paramakatoi gets cheque from GWI for water improvement scheme

Minister within the Ministry of Communities, Dawn Hastings-Williams (right) hands over a cheque to a representative of the Paramakatoi Village Council (GWI photo)

The Guyana Water Incor-porated (GWI) on Thursday handed over a cheque of $4.2m to the village council of Paramakatoi in Region Eight for a water improvement project.

Addressing an audience of Amerindian Leaders, Community Development Councillors and other Government officials at the National Toshaos Council Conference on Thursday evening, Managing Director of GWI Dr. Richard Van West-Charles said through a memorandum of understanding with the Paramakatoi Village Council, GWI is in the process of constructing a reservoir which will make treated water available to that Hinterland community of Region 8.

As part of the MOU for the undertaking of the water supply improvement project, GWI handed over a cheque to the village council worth $4,236,380. This project will see the villagers executing the works, under the guidance of GWI’s engineers.

According to a GWI press release, Dr. Van West- Charles noted that “We are now constructing the catchment, storage; we are installing a pumping system and distribution network, standpipes and treatment system at Paramakatoi. So that moves us to a different level of development within that village.”

GWI added that the village of Mabaruma in Region One will be the beneficiary of treated water for the first time in a matter of weeks.

In collaboration with the Guyana Energy Agency, GWI has tapped water from the Hosororo falls, constructed a reservoir and is now in the process of completing the pump station and installing the treatment system.

GWI has also begun the distribution of Jerry Can and C2 filters to a number of villages across the Hinterland. “It is a special filter which removes all of the bacteria, viruses and fungi from the water so that you can drink it immediately”, the Managing Director explained.

Filters have been installed at Kamarang Hospital, Kako Primary School, Baracara Primary School and the Mabaruma Hospital among other Interior locations, GWI said.

The Managing Director appealed to the Toshaos to maintain constant contact with GWI as a means of ensuring a sustainable access to water in their regions.





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