West Ruimveldt woman charged with throwing acid on ex

-granted $150,000 bail

Lisa Fraser

A security officer was yesterday charged with throwing acid on her ex-boyfriend after allegedly seeing him with another woman.

Lisa Fraser, of 241 West Ruimveldt, Georgetown, was read the charge which stated that on September 2, at Ruimveldt, she unlawfully and maliciously wounded Kellon King with intent to murder him.

Fraser was not required to enter a plea to the charge.

Police Prosecutor Arvin Moore told the court that the defendant and the complainant were formerly in a common-law relationship but had separated after the defendant had moved out of the home that they had shared.

On the day in question, according to the prosecution, Fraser went to visit the complainant’s home and on her arrival she saw a woman in the apartment. As a result, the defendant confronted King and dealt him several slaps. King, in an attempt to avoid any problem with the accused, moved away.

Moore stated that the defendant then left the house and went outside where she retrieved a bottle containing acid which had been bought while she and King were together. The defendant poured the substance into a cup, then returned to the home and doused King, resulting in injuries to his head, face and both hands.

King cried out for help and was subsequently taken to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he remains hospitalized.

The prosecutor said that King’s condition is regarded as serious.

Moore further noted that the file in relation to the matter is incomplete.

Fraser’s attorney later told the court a different story stating that his client had gone to the complainant’s home to retrieve books that were left there for her children. Let into the home by the complainant’s sister, the attorney added, Fraser was approached by the complainant while retrieving the books. An argument then ensued when she asked him about the money which he had for her.

The attorney said that King cuffed the defendant in her mouth and his sister attempted to stop him. Sometime later, he approached the defendant with a container of what appeared to be a corrosive substance.

Most of the contents fell on the complainant while the defendant suffered  minor burns to a small portion of her face.

According to the attorney, his client was defending herself.

Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan subsequently granted the defendant $150,000 bail and ordered that she not go within 50 feet of the complainant, or make contact with him.


She was also ordered not to make contact with, or, cause anyone to contact any witness.

These conditions are to be adhered to until the completion of the Preliminary Inquiry.

The matter will be called again on September 19.





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