Livestock authority hatchery has produced 408,000 ducklings this year

Minister of Agriculture Noel Holder (third from right) during a tour of the hatchery. (Ministry of Agriculture photo)

The Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA) has thus far produced 408, 000 ducklings for 2017, surpassing the 2016 figure of 400,000, according to a release from the Ministry of Agriculture yesterday.

Genetic Improvement Specialist of the GLDA, Dr. Robin Austin who was at the time updating Agriculture Minister, Noel Holder spoke of the progress made by the hatchery.

The release said that the GLDA Hatchery Department has been facilitating farmers in the use of the facility at a cost of $100 per egg or based on the number of successful hatchings.

Holder spoke of his satisfaction with the work done by the GLDA in ensuring that the authority becomes independent and generates an income.

One of the duck pens (Ministry of Agriculture photo)

He added that thus far, duckling production has experienced positive growth and encouraged the Management of the Authority to continue to strive for higher returns.

“Many farmers, primarily single parents from all parts of the country utilise the services of the GLDA Hatchery hence, the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure that we maintain a high level of service,” the Minister said.

The eggs after being collected from farmers are fumigated after which they are incubated.

Hatchery Manager designate, Dr. Mariel Savory stated that the GLDA doesn’t only provide the hatchery services, but makes use of its extension officers who ensure that farmers practice proper husbandry, and maintain a certain ratio of hens to drakes which is a factor in fertility.

“It is important for us to sensitise farmers on issues such as these, if there is to be an increase in their production and productivity…”, Dr. Savory said.

The GLDA hatchery produces approximately 8,500 ducklings on a hatching day. Of that amount 600 are from farmers while the remaining eggs are from the GLDA.

The Authority also retails ducklings to the public at a subsidised cost of $250 with a waiting period of two weeks, the release said.

Annually, the GLDA Hatchery records an increase in production during the January-April period.  It is estimated that the ducklings produced at the hatchery eventually yield over one million pounds of duck meat per year.

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