Agricola woman injured during shootout between two men

A stray bullet discharged during a shootout in Agricola on Saturday night, has left a resident nursing a gunshot wound to the leg, and police are hoping that blood found at the scene will lead to the capture of the shooters.

According to a police press release, two males, not yet identified, both armed with guns, were involved in the shooting incident, allegedly fueled by an argument.

Police Public Relations Officer Shivpersaud Bacchus yesterday related that investigations found that there was a trail of blood that led from the scene of the crime to an abandoned house in the area. The blood is believed to be from at least one of the men involved in the incident.

The injured passerby, 26-year-old Aisha Eversley, was in the vicinity when the shootout was in progress.

Aisha Eversley’s injured leg in which a bullet is lodged.

Eversley, who works as a pump attendant, related yesterday that around 9 pm, she was walking along Brutus Street (the main road), on her way home from a friend’s house, when the shooting began in the vicinity of Second Street.

She said she did not see the men who were firing, but merely heard the shots, and began running. Eversley was hit in the left leg by a bullet.

The bullet is still lodged in her leg, reportedly because its position makes removing the bullet difficult. But the woman said she is scheduled to visit the hospital again next week, when a date for surgery will be determined.

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