Tides shift section of wave wall along Rupert Craig Highway

After being bombarded by extremely high tides and forceful waves yesterday afternoon, a section of the wave wall along the Rupert Craig Highway, near Subryanville, gave way.

Breaches in the wave wall of the Seawall along the Rupert Craig Highway in the Subryanville area yesterday (Dhanash Ramroop photo)

When Stabroek News visited the area, five of the concrete sections of the wave wall which were originally bolted down to the top of the seawall, were seen scattered along the structure. As a result, a ten-metre stretch of the seawall was left exposed to the oncoming waves, which resulted in overtopping of the water from the Atlantic Ocean. Luckily, the overlapping waves did not cause any serious flooding.

The wave wall was completed in 2013 at a cost of about $20 million and covered approximately one kilometre across the top of the seawall.

The wave wall was built after waves from the high tide kept overtopping the wall, which resulted in residents’ yards in the surrounding environs being flooded.

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