Improved water quality from Sophia Treatment Plant – GWI

The Guyana Water Inc. (GWI) says  that iron problems are now a thing of the past, as the Sophia Water Treatment Plant for the first time in years is now surpassing World Health Organisation drinking water guidelines.

According to a GWI press release, the residents of several areas including 50 % of Central Georgetown along Hadfield Street and surrounding areas, Section K Campbellville, along Sheriff Street, Lamaha Gardens, Bel Air, Eastern Highway, Farmers Field and Plum Park  can now enjoy a cleaner, safer, more aesthetically pleasant water supply to their homes. The iron removal efficiency is now in excess of 90%, while the turbidity and colour has been reduced.

In years past, the GWI release stated, poor plant performance, due to factors such as break down of pH correction system, poor design of aerators, deterioration of filters, inappropriate filter media and filter depth, was resulting  in water of objectionable quality, as less than 40% iron removal was occurring. The plant is now performing beyond expectations, as the respective treatment processes have been optimized, along with other interventions, including repairs to the drainage and inlet valves, backwash troughs and unclogging of 12-inch and 6-inch lines, and the repair of the filter up-wash valves.

According to the GWI statement, the project was spearheaded by two of GWI’s senior engineers, Deon Anderson, Head of Water Quality, and Curtis Niles, Regional Manager, Region Four-Georgetown. The two engineers recently completed studies in Water Treatment and Plant Design, at the UNESCO Institute for Water Education, in the Netherlands.

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