No arrest yet in murder of Kaituma fuel dealer

No one has been arrested as yet in relation to the shooting to death of fuel dealer, Khemraj which occurred one week ago in Port Kaituma.

A police source informed Stabroek News that while no arrest has been made as yet, investigations into the matter are ongoing.

Khemraj (only name given), a father of 12 of Canal Bank, Port Kaituma, Region One died last Tuesday after he was shot several times and robbed of his cell phone at an area known as  `Long Pond’, Port Kaituma.

The incident occurred around 6.45pm last Tuesday, minutes after he had received a call from his suspected killer.

Reports reaching Stabroek News had revealed that Khemraj left his home after receiving a phone call from an unknown caller. He was later discovered dead with about five gunshot wounds about his body including his head.


His wife, Renika Poon had explained to this newspaper that Khemraj and his family were relaxing when his phone rang.  “Someone call and he answer and the person told him that he must reach him at some office at Long Pond and I hear he telling the person that he ain’t know of any office there. Then I hear he ask suh which part you deh right now and he tell the person he will be there in three minutes”, Poon recalled.

She said Khemraj then informed her that he was going to meet someone and he would be back in fifteen minutes. About ten minutes after she said she received a call from someone who informed her of the incident. As a result, Poon said she immediately rushed to the scene but by the time she arrived he was already dead.

Information reaching this newspaper revealed that Khemraj and Poon were expected to leave Guyana the following morning to purchase a boat.

A resident of the area, who wished not to be named, had said based on what he was told, Khemraj was sitting in a boat in which he travelled to the scene when the lone gunman walked up to him. “A car drop off the man (the gunman) and he walk up to Khemraj and he like he frighten … he aint coming out and is come out he come out and the shots start fire”, the man explained.

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