NIS meets GDF to clarify records

The National Insurance Scheme (NIS) is intensifying efforts to remove public distrust and improve its record-keeping system and on Friday met with a team from the Guyana Defence Force (GDF).

A statement from the NIS said that the scheme has begun meeting with major employers to aid with the data cleansing process among other matters.

On Friday, it said that a team from the NIS led by General Manager, Holly Greaves met with GDF Chief of Staff, Brigadier Patrick West and a team from the GDF. The meeting was conducted at the GDF’s Headquarters, Camp Ayanganna, Thomas Lands. 

The NIS statement said that some of the issues highlighted include the importance of record keeping at both entities, the need for and importance of networking, the sharing of relevant data and the need for consistent educational sessions for GDF employees

The statement said that members from both sides of the table left the meeting satisfied with the progress made and committed to frequent communication with each other.

The NIS said that it has already met with the Veterans Association and GuySuCo. The NIS addded that it is also pleased to report that as a result of those meetings with GuySuCo, a number of estates were able to complete the data cleansing process and this will aid in the smooth electronic submission of contributions.

“NIS again wishes to remind contributors who are 55 years and over of our Pension readiness programme which encourages one to check on his or her contributions, name and other information to ensure that everything is intact prior to attaining age 60 years. Feel free to visit the nearest Local Office to you”, the NIS said.


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