Demerara bridge reopened to marine traffic

The Demerara Harbour Bridge on Thursday morning resumed operations for the passage of marine traffic after a faulty winch was repaired.

The bridge had been closed to marine traffic after the Demerara Harbour Bridge Corporation discovered that the north-eastern winch was not working during attempts at opening the bridge, following a scheduled pontoon change.

A company official told this newspaper that the winch was repaired and reinstalled last Wednesday and the bridge was opened for marine traffic at 3 am last Thursday. It was also opened for a second time at 2.30 pm.

The official explained that the two openings went smoothly and there were no issues with the winch.

In order to prevent marine traffic from being affected, General Manager of the Demerara Harbour Bridge Rawlston Adams met with the Shipping Association of Guyana, which indicated that it would adjust schedules to cushion the impact of the disruption on members.

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