City committee completes report on alleged sexual assault of juvenile

The Legal Affairs and Security Committee of the Mayor and City Council has completed its report surrounding the allegation of sexual assault on a minor by a city constable, and is expected to present it at the council’s next statutory meeting.

This was related by the committee’s Chairman Sherod Duncan on Sunday evening.

Duncan said that the report was completed last week, but stated that the document is being perused by the council’s lawyer, who will advise them on the recommendations that have been made by the committee, to ensure that they are within the law.

Last Tuesday, a decision was made by the council to give the Legal Affairs Committee seven business days to wrap up its report and present it to the council. Also decided, was that the decision to dismiss the two officers involved in the matter—the alleged perpetrator and the eyewitness—be rescinded, and that the men be sent on administrative leave pending the outcome of the investigation.

Duncan said that up to Friday, the police had been interviewing members of the constabulary in relation to the matter.

The Mayor and Town Clerk had been made aware of the alleged assault by a Lance Corporal on a 15-year-old boy in the custody of the city, on the day it reportedly occurred, August 23rd.

Nearly a month later, the Legal Affairs Committee was tasked with investigating whether the officers needed to be sanctioned for their actions, but before those investigations were complete, the constables at the centre of the scandal were fired by the Town Clerk.

Last month, the Lance Corporal accused was arrested by police after King alerted the police force, but he was subsequently released from custody.

Questions have been raised about why the matter was not immediately reported to the police or the Childcare and Protection Agency, as is required under the law.

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